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We keep focus on...

Our work force:

We continiously facilitate our talented people in their development, both with training and coaching. Our company culture is built on the fundamental assumption that people want to be successful. Insufficient and unclear processes as well as understaffing are regarded to be  the causes of the majority of our problems. Each individual must be given the possibility to grow and develop, to be heard, to take decisions and to be respected. Our people are our most valuable strategic assets and it is only by the development of our people that we can grow and ascertain our future.

Our clients:

You, the customer are the very reason we exist. We not only are focussed in the needs of our customer,  but it is our goal to cooperate with them in order to let them be succesfull. We have always been wondering who our customers are what they mean for us. This enables us to satisfy to their expectations.

Continuous improvement:

Because the world around us is subject to constant change, we must go along. This requires an ongoing alertness. Further on, we remain open for continuousr improvements by which we can raise our service levels to a higher level. We are here for YOU!

Waste reduction:

Our company processes should result in a minimum of waste.


We evaluate our working methods on a regular basis. Our aim is achieving maximum revenue with low costs, an ideal situation for all parties involved.


Only improvement of our processes is not enough. We try to ensure that the changes made are durable and will remain by means of training of employees and error analysis.


Our goal is to provide each customer exactly what he or she needs: when necessary as well as  exactly in the quantity required.


Agility (alertness) is defined as the possibility to act rapidly and easily to the needs/expectations of a customer as well as  being able to keep the customer satisfied. In a climate of accelerating changes process-design is vital, so is training equipment. Mijnders tries to be Agility-based and aims to keep it that way.


We operate within a culture of discipline. This raises our quality and makes both the cause and identification of problems more visible. Further on this makes us more flexible and helps us at the same time to introduce an optimum in modifications to continue in a satisfactory way.

Problemen solving ability:

When we observe a problem we  solve it. A problem is regarded to be a challenge. We strive for durable solutions. No symptom suppression, we want heal the sickness!

This Internet site…

… offers you to an impression of our activities and gives us the opportunity to present ourselves. We look forward to take care of your transportation needs. Not only concerns the transport from A to B. Because: For just that extra bit of service you will remain our appreciated customer.