Anytime or Anywhere

...urgent loads, special care? When speed counts think and use us.

Express service ...

...as soon as you call us, we go. It is as simple as that. With speed and efficiency any package within 4 hours (in Holland). Guaranteed, because today=today and not tomorrow. And rightaway means rightaway and not later.

Express service in all areas with reliability. We often exceed the expectations of an ordinary courier-service. We consider ourselves as a transport-partner. A partner who carries out your orders in an efficient way, according to your wishes. National or international, no matter what:

-Exclusive transport (e.g. without other loads)
-Exchange orders (e.g. between dentist & laboratory)
-Collection rounds between offices (day & night)

Courier tailor made.

A small package? Our caddy maxi will do. Palletloads? Our special vans can manage multiple pallet loads. Even more cargo? Our trucks & trailer can do the job for you!

Courier with class - European wide!